Raise Funds for your Charity Shop by Recycling old unwanted stock

Recycling Direct will recycle any amount of old, unwanted or displayed stock from your Charity Shop and will pay by the Kg for it. We understand that running a Charity shop has it’s challenges especially when unwanted stock piles up and there is no more place to store it. That is when we come in to help.

If you are a Charity Shop owner or employee and think that we might be able to help Recycle some of your unwanted stock, or are in need of immediate funds for your goods do not hesitate to contact us or or speak to one of our Live Chat operators now and we will take care of everything else.

What we accept, what we pay and what we don’t accept

We acceptWe don't accept
New clothes with tagsWet clothes
MenswearSchool uniforms
Women's wearWork uniforms
Children's wearDamp clothes
Babies wearPlastic toys
Paired shoesRugs
HandbagsSoiled clothes
BeltsWorn out clothes
HatsStained clothes
JewelleryOld fashion clothes
Parfumes (unopened)-
Cosmetics (unopened)-

We also take underwear to include socks, tights, pants and bras etc…
It does not matter if the items are very old or brand new as long as they are in good shape and can still be worn.

Because of the large variety of stock Charity Shops usually store we will be able to collect items that are not listed here. Contact us with your proposal and we will let you know if we can help.