Cash for clothes Ashford

Cash for Clothes for individuals or households

Direct Line Recycling is offering it’s Cash for Clothes scheme in Ashford area that any household can benefit from. Why keep stacks of clothes, shoes or bags that you don’t wear anymore and clog your house when you can Recycle them and make some extra money now.

What we accept, what we pay and what we don’t accept

We acceptPaid per KG-We don't accept
New clothes with tags£2-Wet clothes
Menswear60p-School uniforms
Women's wear60p-Work uniforms
Children's wear60p-Damp clothes
Babies wear60p-Plastic toys
Paired shoes60p-Rugs
Handbags60p-Soiled clothes
Belts60p-Worn out clothes
Hats60p-Stained clothes
Bed Linen40p-Books
Light Curtains40p--
Cosmetics 40p--
Cd's + Dvd's in cases40p--
Soft Toys40p--

Minimum collection 20kg ( 2 bags).

Every bag will be weighed with our industry approved scale and payment will be made in cash accordingly.

Please book a collection on-line, call 0330 2233 623

or text  0743 862 7652